Celebrating each and every person…


Welcome to our Coffin Manufacturing Company REFLECTIVE ENDINGS; Celebrating Each and Every Person…

We are a family run business, Anita who has studied Mortuary Science and Embalming, Andrew with a Graphics, Design and Print Company and Martina with a Business Background.

Our environmentally friendly coffins are made from sustainable materials and are covered with eco-friendly ink prints on chlorine and PVC free film. They are fitted with 4 painted solid hardwood handles and gold or chrome coloured wreath hangers.

Internally, an Italian embossed suite which includes interior and exterior frill with matching pillowcase has been created using polycotton fabric, woven in Milan.


Name and dates are written in black or white on a mirrored gold or chrome covered plaque to match chosen design.

A MATCHING ASHES CASKET is available for each coffin.

Where to buy

If your undertaker does not offer our coffins or ashes caskets, please ask him to contact us and we can arrange for them to be supplied for your requirement. If they are unable to sell you the product of your choice please phone us on 086 303 2913, and we will do what we can to assist you.

Coffins can be available same day within 3 hrs if your undertaker can collect them or next day if we need to deliver to your undertaker. Oversized coffins will need 24hr notice. Ashes caskets will be delivered to your undertaker within a few days of you ordering them.

“We help your final farewell to loved ones capture their personality and your memories”

Kind Regards,
Anita, Andrew and Martina

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